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My Bio

I love dogs, cats, foxes, eagles, wolves, and animals in general. My favorite band is The Church, including all the members' side projects, especially Steve Kilbey's. I have been a Church fan since 1992, when I bought Priest=Aura because of a review I read of the album, describing "lush, otherworldly soundscapes and shimmering guitars". This became my favorite CD for a long time afterwards, and I gradually acquired the remainder of their discography, and also discovered their solo and side projects - the rest is history! I also like 80s music, electronica, new age, and ambient/soundscape music, particularily that of Steve Roach, Robert Rich, and Erik Wollo.  Also, a fan of Tangerine Dream.

My Hobbies

Collecting CDs, spending time with my animals, reading books on spirituality (particularly metaphysical studies), oil painting (mostly wildlife and especially birds of prey).

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